Anne Walendy Davis


Professor and Chair,

“Greener than green.” “You might not make it.” Those were words I heard from an impatient teacher in my first semester of nursing school. We all do grow and develop--thankfully! Teaching was not how I pictured my professional trajectory, but once exposed to the teaching bug, it became a life-long passion and fascination. My nursing career began in Missouri, as an Associate Degree nurse, then, in 1974, I earned my bachelor’s degree. My teaching began in 1975 as a part-time on-campus skills lab instructor while I worked as a primary care nurse and night supervisor. Both family and career decisions took us from Missouri to Montana to West Virginia, and since 1987, to Ada, Oklahoma. Along the way, I earned a Masters in Nursing which was a dual track for education and adult nursing with an emphasis in oncology. My doctorate is from Texas Woman’s University where my dissertation focused on Comanche’s current health beliefs. The most common question I hear: How did you end up in Oklahoma? Both my husband and I could teach at the same university, a university which emphasizes teaching. Kevin is an English professor; we bounced two children and two cats across the Appalachian Mountains. Twenty five years later, we have three terrific adult children, counting our daughter-in-law, and three awesome grandchildren. Greatest moments in clinical nursing: having the honor and privilege to work with families and patients on an oncology unit. Listening to patients review their life stories is unforgettable. Professionally, I have been involved with Oklahoma’s Long-term Care Ombudsman Committee and our regional and state Oklahoma Nurses Association. I am fortunate to be part of a highly skilled faculty who share a common, progressive vision of excellence in nursing. My most memorable teaching moments: having the honor and privilege to watch the “AH-Ha” moment in students’ expressions as they understand a difficult concept and, second: seeing graduates flourish as “real” nurses. When you graduate, please remember that you were once “greener than green” and lend a patient, caring hand to a student--your future colleagues! If you are a student new to nursing: Keep on reading!