Robin Murphy


Associate Professor,

BA, Oklahoma State MEd, Northeastern State MA, Northeastern State PhD, Bowling Green State Univ. Robin Murphy, PhD (Bowling Green State University, 2007) Currently in her fourth year as assistant professor at East Central University in Oklahoma, Robin teaches a variety of writing courses, including Approaches to Grammar and Composition Theory, and chairs the University Assessment Committee and Departmental Advising Committee. She recently presented papers at the Rhetoric Society of America, Computers and Writing and the Western States Rhetoric and Literacy conferences. Earlier this year, Robin published her dissertation as a book titled: How Social Trauma Affects How We Write: Post 9/11 Rhetorical Theory and Composition Pedagogy. An article titled “Heroes and Villains: Morality, The Will to Power, and the Overman in the Work of Joss Whedon” with Dr. Gary Heba, BGSU, in The Philosophy of Joss Whedon is forthcoming in Fall, 2011. Robin lives in Ada, OK, with her spouse, Kaleb, and his two goats, Thelma and Louise, who recently kidded, adding 3 goat-kids - Butch, Sundance, and Leroy Brown.