Anna Duran


Instructor and Program Coordinator - Ardmore

“The door that nobody else will go in, seems always to swing open widely for me.” Those words from Clara Barton ring familiar. As for many nurses, nursing was not a quick sprint immediately after high school, but rather a very rewarding marathon with a destination still on the horizon. An important message, it happens, as nursing truly is not a destination that ends after degree attainment, but rather a life-long journey. In my case, the journey began with a fascination for medicine, a love of teaching adult students, a belief in healthy communities and a background in diverse cultures. I was brought up both in Ardmore OK and in Aruba, a Dutch island in the Caribbean. As a young adult, I married an airline pilot stationed abroad. After intense studies at the National University in Mexico City (UNAM), I began my language teaching career in Mexico City in the early 1980’s. An airline lay-off brought us back to Ardmore after eight years, where I taught part-time and completed an Associate Degree in Nursing from Murray State College in 1996. Immediately, I went into Public Health, focusing on women’s health, communicable disease investigation, and most recently, community health program development, implementation and research of vulnerable populations. Along the way, while also continuing to teach as an adjunct, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s of Science in Nursing Education, both from the University of Oklahoma. I feel very fortunate to mentor students at the initiation of their individual journeys into nursing in a community that is dear to my heart. They, distinguished faculty and valuable experiences have been my best teachers.