Psychology Minor


     PSYCH  1113  General Psychology

    Three of the following:
     HRPSY  3253  Psychology of Aging
     PSYCH  2313  History and Systems of Psychology
     PSYCH  3063  Physiological Psychology
     PSYCH  3613  Psychology of Learning and Cognition
     PSYCH  4133  Abnormal Psychology
     PSYCH  4213  Psychological Tests and Measurements
     PSYCH  4323  Behavioral Management
     PSYCH  4413  Psychology of Personality
     PSYCH  4443  Child Development
     PSYCH  4453  Adolescent Development

   Nine (9) hours of approved 3000-4000 level electives in Psychology (may include additional courses from the list above). EDPSY 3513, PSYCH 3463 and PSYCH 4112 may not be taken for Psychology
   degree Credit.

Total Minimum Hours              21