Psychology's knowledge structure is based firmly on a research background, and without some exposure to this process (as either a participant and/or a researcher), students are truly missing out.  Below, you will find research activities that are taking place within the department as well as projects that have been presented by students at various state, regional, and national conferences.

If you are interested in any aspect of the research program in the Department of Psychology, please contact Dr. Marc Klippenstine ( or by phone at 580-559-5342.


Upcoming Conferences & Student Presentations

April 2015Oklahoma Psychological Society Annual Conference. Students from both the graduate and undergraduate Experimental Psychology courses present their research at the annual OPS conference.

May 2015 - College of Education and Psychology Research Symposium.  Starting in the Spring of 2015, students completing research during the previous two semesters will be encouraged to present that research at the College Research Symposium. 


Important Research Links

Oklahoma Psychological Society

Association for Psychological Science

 American Psychological Association

Southwestern Psychological Association

 OPS Award Winners

 Student Winners of OPS Student Winners of OPS Graduate Student Receive Second Place in Poster Competition - OPS 2014

 Student Winners OPS 2012 Student Winners OPS 2012 Student Winners of OPS 2012

Undergraduate & Graduate Poster Sessions

Undergraduate Students

Students Attending the 2014 OPS Conference Student Posters at 2014 OPS Conference OPS Poster Session OPS Poster Session

OPS Poster Session OPS Poster Session OPS Poster Session  


Graduate Students

 OPS Poster Session OPS Poster Session OPS Poster Session OPS Poster Session

 OPS Poster SessionGraduate Students attending the 2014 OPS conference