Department of Chemistry

The department of chemistry offers both a major and a minor in chemistry, a major in chemistry for teacher certification, and courses needed for those wishing to teach biology, chemistry, physics, physical science, or general science at the public school level. The department also functions as a support and service department for required courses in biology, nursing, environmental science, and allied health programs.

Additionally the department provides pre-professional studies for students pursuing medicine, engineering, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, and medical technology.

A quality program of study is made possible through small classes, opportunity for student/professor interaction, and the unique situation of having the Robert S. Kerr Environmental Protection Agency Groundwater Research Laboratory located in Ada, OK. Cooperative agreements with this governmental institution allow expanded opportunities for study, research, quality analytical instrumentation, and possible student employment while at ECU.

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You Are What You Eat Summer Academy

This academy is a one-week residential program in which participants will perform analytical tests in a biochemistry laboratory focusing on three major classes of biomolecules: proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. The relation of these biomolecules to nutrition will be emphasized, as well as modern analytical techniques. Additionally, there will be a trip to the Samuel Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Students will interact with college professors and experience college life.  Sessions about college admission, financial aid and career aptitudes will be interspersed throughout the academy.  Evening and recreational activities are also planned.

To apply, fill out the application form and have a teacher, coach, pastor or other non-family member adult complete a recommendation form.

You Are What You Eat Summer Academy Application

You Are What You Eat Summer Academy Recommendation