Courses Offered

FCS 1113 Basic Construction Techniques
3 hours-Developing or improving the basic theory of apparel selection and construction, including pattern and fabric selection, pattern alteration and fitting. The course places emphasis on concepts and reasons for choices and techniques.

FCS 1213 Textiles
3 hours-Study of old and new creations in fibers, yarns, and finishes of textile fabrics; buying, using, and caring for textile fabrics.

FCS 1513 Nutrition
3 hours-Principles of human nutrition, applied to various stages in life with emphasis on nutritional adequacy.

FCS 1523 Careers in Family and Consumer Sciences
3 hours-Orientation to Family and Consumer Sciences as a profession and exploration of available career opportunities.

FCS 2113 Foods
3 hours-Prereq.: 1513. A study of basic food preparation methods and guidelines for providing nutritious meals.

FCS 2133 House Planning and Furnishing
3 hours-Planning and furnishing the home; developing understanding and appreciation of various ways in which a home environment can affect personal and family living.

FCS 2193 Retail Merchandising
3 hours-A study of the retail industry from the designing, production, and distribution of goods; including fashion centers and retailing. Field experience required.

FCS 2881-4 Special Studies in Family and Consumer Sciences
1-4 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. Directed group study on special subject or problem.

FCS 3013 Consumer Buying
3 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. Standards in buying for the consumer with emphasis on ready-to-wear fashions, household equipment, and home and personal accessories. The psychology of buying and the consumer decision making process will be studied.

FCS 3213 Child Care
3 hours-Development and care of the child from conception to five years old. Two-hour lecture, two-hour laboratory in an established child care center.

FCS 3313 Merchandise Buying
3 hours-Prereq.: 2193. Principles for successful merchandising of retail goods. Analysis of apparel markets and consumer demands. A quantitive procedure for planning and analyzing sales, profit and inventory. Field experience required.

FCS 3413 Design, Wardrobe and Image Analysis
3 hours-Principles of design and design elements relating to apparel and personal appearance.

FCS 3463 Behavior and Guidance of the Pre-School Child
3 hours-Prereq.: 3213 or departmental approval. The study of the individual and group needs of young children, philosophy of adult-child relationship, with emphasis on methods and principles of guidance based on growth needs of young children. Evaluation of kinds of school programs, day care centers and other means of meeting varying community needs. Participation in nursery school, day care or equivalent.

FCS 3513 Meal Planning and Table Service
3 hours-Prereq.: 1513 and 2113. Planning, preparation, and serving of food for all occasions.

FCS 3623 Retail Fashion Promotion
3 hours-Prereq.: 2193 and departmental approval. Preparation, production and evaluation of fashion-related events. Usage of special purpose media in the promotion of retail merchandise.

FCS 3813 Fashion Merchandising Internship
3 hours-Prereq.: 4013 and Junior standing. Directed practical experiences in an approved work situation related to the fashion industry.

FCS 3912 Nutrition in School and Community
2 hours-Prereq.: Junior standing. Health and nutrition programs, tools, assessments, surveillance, evaluation, legislation.

FCS 4013 Visual Merchandising
3 hours-Prereq.: 2193, 3313. Study and application of principles and practices in arranging and displaying merchandise for commercial and educational purposes.

FCS 4113 Intermediate Construction Techniques
3 hours-Prereq.: 1113, 1213, 3413. Advanved theory in clothing construction techniques.

FCS 4132 Children's Clothing
2 hours-Planning, purchasing, and making of children's clothing.

FCS 4213 Family Relationships
3 hours-A study of the relationships between the members of a family with a view of developing a worthy home membership.

FCS 4313 Home Management
3 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. General management of the home; expenditures and budgets; individual projects.

FCS 4443 Family Crisis and Resources
3 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. Crisis and special problems encountered in all types of families with individual and community resources available.

FCS 4513 Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences
3 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. Creative Family and Consumer Sciences instruction. Problems and methods of teaching family and consumer sciences.

FCS 4523 Resource Management in Contemporary Living
3 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. Recognition, integration, and application of management principles and concepts in a variety of family managerial situations. Utilization of appropriate technology.

FCS 4713 Tailoring
3 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. A study of tailored garments; making suits and coats, theory and laboratory.

FCS 4883 History and Philosophy of Career and Technology Education
3 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. A survey course dealing with the basic educational philosophies as they apply to career and technology education and describing the influences which have shaped the development of the discipline.

FCS 4981-4 Seminar in Family and Consumer Sciences
1-4 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. Directed group study on special subjects or problems.

FCS 4991-4 Individual Study in Family and Consumer Sciences
1-4 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. Directed individual study on special subject or problem. Open only to selected undergraduates.

FCS 5313 Advanced Tailoring
3 hours-Professional techniques in tailoring; making suits and coats.

FCS 5981-4 Seminar in Family and Consumer Sciences
1-4 hours-Prereq.: Departmental approval. Directed intensive study on selected problem or special topic.

FCS 5991-4 Individual Study in Family and Consumer Sciences
1-4 hours-Prereq.: Graduate standing and twelve hours home economics. Directed intensive study on definite problem or special subject, based on approved outline or plan; conferences, oral and written reports.