Minors in Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences

Eighteen hours approved courses

Minimum Total Hours                   18

"Teachers" or "methods" courses may not be counted in the minor.


Fashion Merchandising

FCS    1213    Textiles

Three hours from the following:

FCS    2193    Retail Merchandising
FCS    3313    Merchandise Buying

Twelve hours from the following:

ART     1113    Fundamentals of Art
FCS     1113    Basic Construction Techniques
FCS     3013    Consumer Buying
FCS     3413    Design, Wardrobe & Image Analysis
FCS     3623    Retail Fashion Promotion
FCS     3813    Fashion Merchandising Internship
FCS     4013    Fundamentals of Merchandising Display
MKTG  3313    Principles of Marketing
MKTG  3813    Retail Management
MKTG  3813    Professional Selling
MKTG  4323    Promotional Policies in Marketing

Minimum Total Hours                             18

"Teachers" or "methods" courses may not be counted in the minor.