What can you do with a physics degree?

ECU physics graduates have worked:

  • in physics/engineering/environmental science labs in industry and government.
  • in high schools as teachers
  • in universities as professors
  • in hospitals as doctors (after medical school)
  • in courtrooms as lawyers (after law school)
  • in the military as fighter pilots, etc.
  • in their own business
  • in medical/electronic device design plants
  • in the communication field (MCI, etc.)
  • in computer science/electrical field at OG&E and PEC
  • in NASA subcontracted businesses
  • as golf coaches in universities and private clubs
  • as scientific computer programmers and systems analysts
  • as scientific graphics artists
  • as engineers in engineering consulting firms

Graduates have attended graduate school in:

  • physics
  • mathematics
  • engineering
  • medicine
  • law
  • computer science
  • medical physics
  • veterinary medicine

What's HOT?

Even more recently, medical physics is in high demand. ECU has one of the few medical physics BS degrees in the U.S.  For more info, see Dr. Williams. We have a video from AIP that describes what a medical physicist does.