Pre-Professional Programs

Several students attend East Central University with the intention of entering a professional school located at another university.  For these students East Central University offers pre-professional programs in engineering, law, and several of the medical fields.  Students in these programs have the opportunity to spend from one to three years at East Central University completing the basic entrance requirements to the professional schools.  Students interested in this opportunity should contact the appropriate advisor for their program.  A description of the basic programs and their advisor follows below. 

Few applicants are admitted with less than a bachelor’s degree. You should follow a degree track at the time you are completing the pre-professional requirements. East Central University does offer the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Combined Degree Program which allows the student who may be admitted to professional medical sciences school at the end of their junior year to receive the bachelors degree after successful completion of the first year in professional school. The requirements for this program are available from the appropriate Pre-Professional Sciences Advisor or the ECU Office of Admissions and Records.