Political Science Program

Political Science majors are given more of an emphasis on critical thinking and written and oral communication skills. Classes are typically discussion-based, and service learning and simulations are often employed. The Political Science program is dedicated to preparing students for future employment in government, business, law or the academy. It is the perfect springboard to law school or graduate school. The Political Science program is dedicated to building political community through active learning, engaged citizenship, and the promotion of democratic values.

Degree Requirements

Political Science Program Faculty

Gavin Burl and Lacy Crisler

Political Science Major Gavin Burl and Legal Studies Major Lacy Crisler visited the chamber of the Oklahoma House of Representatives during Higher Education Day in 2015. They met Senators, Representatives, and heard speeches from the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

City Hall

Political Science students in Service Learning classes often work with the City of Ada on evaluating and developing local policy.


A popular co-curricular activity is Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (OIL). Students spend several days at the Oklahoma Capitol acting as members of the government with students from other universities across the state. There are roles for representatives in the House of Representatives, Senate, Media, and as attorneys in a Mock Court. The sponsor of OIL at ECU is Dr. Charles Peaden. OIL is funded through ECU Student Government Association.

Tiffany Postoak and Newakis Girdley

The Political Science program sponsors many simulations as part of classes. Tiffany Postoak and Newakis Girdley are arguing a case in front of a mock Supreme Court in the Hargrave Moot Court Room.
Christine Pappas
Dr. Christine Pappas is Chair of the Political Science and Legal Studies Department, and she is a licensed attorney. Her areas of expertise are American Politics, Constitutional Law, and Women in Politics. She teaches US Government, Civil Rights and Liberties, Tribal Politics, Women in Politics, and other classes. She can be reached at cpappas@ecok.edu or 580-559-5640.
Charlie Peaden
Dr. Charles Peaden is an Assistant Professor of Political Science. His expertise is in Environmental Politics, American Political Institutions, and Oklahoma Politics. He teaches US Government, Congress, the Presidency, Political Parties, and Oklahoma Politics. He can be reached at cpeaden@ecok.edu or 580-559-5412.