Interpreting - Minor Requirements

Minor in Interpreting - 260F
HURES  4763  Interpreting I
HURES  4934  Human Services Practicum
Choose 2 of the following:
ASLHR  3163  Fingerspelling and Conversational ASL
HURES 3203  Vocational Testing and Evaluation
HURES 3763  Group Processes and Practice

Five hours electives approved by a Services to the Deaf advisor
Minimum Total Hours                  18


Prerequisites for minor:

ASLHR  2613  American Sign Language I
ASLHR  3063  American Sign Language II

ASLHR  4703  American Sign Language III
ASLHR 4733  American Sign Language IV
HURES  2153  Introduction to Deafness

Must earn three hours of upper division work at ECU towards minor to complete minor residency requirement.