Areas of Study

We offer degrees in three different areas of study. Click on an area of study below to see more details about the degrees offered, faculty, and events.

Elective Studies:  In addition to our degree programs, we offer elective studies in Composition, Organ and Harpsichord Studies, and Sacred Music

Students can study composition in a variety of ways. A music seminar course titled "Studies in Composition" is held every other year. In addition, students can request to enroll in Independent Studies in Composition at both Intermediate and Advanced levels. These courses use a hands-on approach to encourage composers to hone their abilities and stretch their horizons by trying new compositional techniques and genres. Everything from solo performance to film scoring is covered.

Student composers, whether enrolled in composition studies or not, have many opportunities to share their work. Works composed for the Composition classes are often performed in the Department of Music's Tuesday recital, where students and faculty alike gather to hear and see the accomplishments of ECU students. There is also an annual ECU Faculty, Students, and Friends Composer Concert where compositions from the East Central University campus, the surrounding community, and even the global community are premiered or shared.

ECU has also had students participate in state, regional, and national composition competitions. These students have received everything from cash prizes to publication prizes. For more information regarding Composition studies at ECU, contact Mr. Skye Garcia at or 580-559-5479

Organ and Harpsichord Studies
Private studies in Organ and Harpsichord are also available to all students. For more information contact Mr. Skye Garcia at or 580-559-5479.

Sacred Music

Courses in Sacred Music focus on studies and performance opportunities over a broad spectrum of sacred music activity, including leadership in worship, instruction in sacred music composition, and regular field trips and seminar activities. For more information contact Mr. Skye Garcia at or 580-559-5479.
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