Music Minor

Minor in Music-330E

MUS 1000 Recital Attendance (2 semesters)
HUM 2533 Music in Life
MUS 1113 Fundamentals of Music

Major Applied Area - two hours (taken in 2 semesters)
Piano (Class or Private) - two hours (taken in 2 semesters)

Major Ensemble (enroll 2 semesters)
MUS 2211 Band
MUS 2111 University Singers

Six hours approved Music electives
(excluding MUS 2433 World Music) 

Minimum Total Hours 18

Minor in Business Administration for Music Majors - 070D
One of the following:
ACCT 2103 Financial Accounting
BUS 1113 Intro to Business
Required Courses:
MIS 1903 Computer Business Applications
MGMT 3013 Principles of Management
MKTG 3313 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 3353 Retailing Management
One upper level Business Administration elective
Minimum Total Hours 18