I like dealing with figurative work. Regardless of the scale of the piece, I tend to keep the figures a little larger than life size. I prefer to keep my work as expressive as possible, sometimes destroying the more developed layers to show the beginning stages of the figure, letting grid-work show through, or simply letting the brushwork stay stylized, all to keep the subject from being to familiar with the viewer.

I like to work from photographs that I have taken. Some of the subjects are in traditional poses, while others are in a slightly uncomfortable situation, taken somewhat by surprise. Sometimes the sense of discomfort comes through and reads as if the subject isn’t sure about the responsibility that comes with being recorded as a work of art. I try to use photographs that hold some sense of expectation in the face, or stance of the subjects.

I feel that relating to other people is essential to having an understanding of ourselves. Putting an arbitrary spotlight on people in my work has forced me to think less about myself, but has also opened my eyes to my place in the collective. I hope that through my portraits the viewer can step outside of the general concern for their individual existence, and see themselves through the eyes of a stranger. This work is about everyone’s place on a pedestal.

(580) 399-0881
1033 E 6th

, OK 74820


East Central University, Ada OK
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
Major: Fine Arts

Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, Altus OK
       Attended: 2001, 2002
       Discipline: Painting/ Drawing


  • Received the Leon Polk Smith Scholarship from the ECU Art Department in 2006
  • Received the Gladys Kendall Scholarship from the ECU Art Department in 2009
  • Featured on the cover of ECU Originals Magazine in 2009


  • Works In The Permanent Collection Of East Central University
  • Saints: Solo Exhibition Pogue Gallery, Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center 2010
  • Momentum OKC 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Momentum Tulsa 2009
  • ECU Student Show 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
  • OSAI Traveling Exhibition 2001


  • ECU Originals Magazine 2006, 2007, 2009 (work featured on cover)



2010 Oklahoma State Penitentiary Art Show, McAlester, OK                                                                         2010

  • juror for the categories of drawing, painting, and sculpture

Commissioned Works For Gym 210, Ada, OK                                                                                                2010

  • commissioned to paint a mural and two permanent works for display at business

Chickasaw Nation Enterprises: Multimedia Department,

Ada, OK                              Summer of 2005 and 2006

  • worked on the design/construction of set pieces and costumes for the Chickasaw Nation's Annual Meeting
  • assisted video crew in the filming of several different projects
  • recorded/ performed live music for various events including: Governor's Swearing In, Banquet for Astronaut John Herrington, and the Chickasaw Annual Meeting

East Central University Art Department, Ada, OK                     2003 and 2004

student worker


Dr. Brad Jessop          (580) 559-5353
Chair of ECU Art Department
1100 E. 14th St. PMB-L3
Ada, OK 74820

Kate Rivers, MFA        (580) 272-3173
Associate Professor of Art, ECU

1100 E. 14th St.
Ada, OK 74820

Hope Taylor                 (202) 725-7200
Director, International Leadership Embassy-DC

801 G Street NW #521

, D.C. USA

Josh Mullennex

The art that I create tends to be expressive and unnatural, but still retains a sense of formality. I do this to give the viewer a certain control over the piece. If I give my work anonymity, then the viewer can concentrate less on the subject and add his or her own thoughts to the piece. Right now I am still learning a lot of things so I am more interested in the process of how things work and why. 

Ryan Ringle

Artist Statement

As a kid I would watch my father spend his spare time on numerous car projects.  He would fix them, paint them and make nice works from cars that others would not see potential in. I spent my days in class drawing those cars with a boyhood fantasy of gruesome tires and engine elements instead of fully devoting my attention to the teacher. I have continued to do this even in college only now I plan future works or designs. I like to include whimsical elements in my works such as the fathers of the car art movement; Roth and Newton. I hope to be different from typical car artists.  Instead of detailed renderings I choose to use found objects or create them and utilize them in my work. I enjoy making digital work and creating vinyl cut outs to apply to metal or simply attaching the glossy paper to metal in collage form. I like the texturual qualities of metal and automotive materials such as bondo and fiberglass. I don't feel as if I can classify my work, but I always aspire to be fairly realistic with a touch of the whimsical.



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