Art Department Scholarships

2014 Scholarship Recipients
Left to Right: Danelle Sullivan, Miraya Starnes, Chelsie Austin, Tanner Capps, Jessica Sanchez, Derrick Poole, Darby Heard, Summer Zah, Jami Hale, Adrianna Randramanasa


2014 Scholarship Recipients

Elizabeth Blakesley Best of Show Scholarship
   Jessica Sanchez

Leon Polk Smith Scholarships
   Adrianna Randriamanasa - Sophomore
   Danelle Sullivan - Junior
   Tanner Capps - Senior

R. Grant Thorp Scholarship
   Chelsie Austin

Ada Artists Association Scholarship/Loretta Yin Centennial
   Derrick Poole

Gladys Kendall Scholarship
   Joshua Benson

Emma Box Scholarship
   Miraya Starnes

Director's Award
   Erica Eppler

Dean's Award
   Jami Hale

Ruth Walker / Landrum Sculpture Scholarship
   Darby Heard


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Leon Polk Smith Scholarship

Leon Polk Smith graduated from ECU in the 1930's. After briefly serving as principal for Fittstown High School, he furthered his artistic training at Columbia University in New York. Throughout his artistic endeavours he was always innovative and after studying the works of Mondrain, Leon Polk Smith became one of the fathers of formalist painting in America. Active in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1940's and the Gay Rights movement at its inception during the Stonewall Riots. Leon Polk Smith has directed that four scholarships be offered, one to each class and that, if all other aspects are equal, preference be shown to minority students. The dollar amounts of the award vary with interest rates.

R. Grant Thorp Scholarship

R. Grant Thorp was a professor of Art at East Central from 1979 until his untimely death in 1994. He held a Bachelors of Art for the University of California Davis, a Masters from Humbolt University, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma. Grant was known for his colorful paintings and friendly demeanor with students. This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate quality artwork, public service, and financial need.

Gladys Kendall Scholarship

Gladys Kendall Scholarship was endowed by the estate of Gladys Kendall to support the development of the Arts in the region.

Emma Box Scholarship

Emma Box was one of the founding faculty members of the East Central Art Department. She served from the 1930's until 1965 and was well known for her formalist collages and expressive figurative drawings. A Graduate of Columbia University and a student of Hans Hoffman, Ms. Box was known for demanding high achievement from her students. With respect to Ms Box, and in the tradition of excellence she helped to found, this scholarship is awarded to students that demonstrate academic achievement, artistic quality, and financial need. The dollar amounts of the award vary with interest rates.

Ruth Walker / Landrum Sculpture Scholarship

Ruth Walker was an adjunct instructor during the early years of the Art Department and the scholarship has been endowed in her name by her son Mark Landrum, founder of Landmark Bank.  Each year the scholarship is awarded to an outstanding sculpture student.