Concentration in Mass Media

The Mass Communication degree with a concentration in Mass Media prepares students to pursue careers in the ever-changing world of converged media. Mass Media majors learn how to navigate the worlds of print, broadcast, and news media through theoretical perspectives and with hands-on activities. Coursework includes:

  • Professional writing–Students produce stories to be utilized in all aspects of news dissemination and script writing.
  • Video and Audio Production–Explores multiple aspects of industry level productions including journalism, documentary production, cinematography, music video, recording industry, live sound and more.
  • Photography–Practical applications of both digital and traditional photography utilizing industry standard equipment. Students in these classes learn to use imagery as a form of communication and expression.
  • Digital Publishing–Adhering to design theory, students utilize the latest software focusing on the creation of both print and digital designs. ECU maintains a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud allowing students access to the latest releases of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Mass Comm majors often participate in student organizations such as the Audio Visual Club, Club PRAD (ad/pr) and the Picturesque Photography Club as well as ECTV's production of the "The Paper Lantern Lounge."   Majors also spend much of their time in our beautiful labs.

Mass Media Degree Requirements