Child Development Center Information

An integral part of the campus community, the Child Development Center located in Fentem Hall provides child care for the children of students, staff and faculty. The Center is licensed for 82 children. Accepted in the Center are children between the ages of birth through four years. Also, children with developmental disabilities are welcome.

To facilitate learning and development, the children are divided into six different groups. Age and developmentally appropriate activities, including, but not limited to, creative art, music, learning centers, storytelling, gross and fine motor activities, outdoor play, and other learning activities--are planned and provided for children. The Center also has a school-age program for children in four-year-old programs through second grade, including appropriate planned activities, swimming, and physical education. Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are served.

The Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Fees are paid on a tuition basis by the semester, but for convenience in paying, the semester fee is divided into equal monthly payments. DHS payments are accepted.

If you are interested in utilizing the Center, please stop by to see our facilities and to discuss how our program can meet your needs.

Discipline is interpreted in terms of consideration and respect for others and the development of feelings of worth for oneself. Positive and negative feelings are accepted as a part of being human. Staff members try to guide each child in learning to express his/her feelings in sociably acceptable ways; corporal punishment is not used or allowed.

Parent Involvement is encouraged. Opportunities include observation, training, and parent/teacher conferences.

Tuition is based on the current semester, by the age of the child and the hours and days of attendance. Current tuition rates can be obtained from the director. Tuition is divided into monthly payments to help parents budget the cost. No reimbursements are made for the hours or days missed due to illness, snow, vacation, etc. Between semester fees are paid by the day. The Center does accept Title XX eligible children.

Purpose The primary purpose of ECU's Child Development Center is to provide quality child care for children of University students, staff and faculty. Also, community children with special needs are eligible to attend. Secondary goals are to provide educational experiences and research opportunities for both faculty members and students.

Philosophy The Child Development Center serves as a support system by assuring University families that their children are receiving quality care while parents participate in the University.

Through a secure and warm environment that encourages the total development of the child, the program will help children experience their individuality, understand their own special worth, and develop self discipline, tolerance, and understanding of individuals different from themselves.

Program The overall curriculum at the Center is a combination of regular, anticipated events that provide continuity and security and new activities to provide challenge, stimulation and opportunity for growth.