Middle/High School Content Area Teacher Training

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"Strategies to Increase Achievement of Middle/High School Students in Content Area Classes"
The 5-day training is designed to strengthen middle/high school teachers' knowledge and skills of instructional strategies that will cause their students to gain a deeper understanding of the material presented in the content area classes.  These research proven strategies accelerate student learning and increase student motivation in all content area classes.

Training Content Outline
Systematic and Explicit Instruction

Systematic and explicit instruction is essential for students to develop the skills and processes to better understand content area text.

  • How systematic and explicit instruction increases students' understanding of the content presented.
  • What does systematic and explicit instruction look like during a content area lesson.
  • How teachers can use brain compatible instructional strategies to facilitate systematic and explicit instruction in their content area classes.
  • How to create the maximum Academic Learning Time during each content area class.
  • How to use Anatomy of a Lesson when planning a content area lesson to ensure Academic Learning Time.
  • Questioning and discussion strategies that engage and hold ALL students accountable during content area lesson.


Vocabulary knowledge directly relates to student achievement in all content area classes. To excel in students must learn hundreds of new words in each course each year.

  • Research proven strategies to accelerate student vocabulary development
  • Strategies for teachers to develop a "word conscious" classroom.
  • Using graphic organizers to develop student vocabulary.
  • Teacher resource materials filled with instructional activities to actively engage and motivate student vocabulary development

Comprehension Skills

Comprehension is a VERY COMPLEX process. Comprehending grade level content area text is challenging for most students. To excel in content area classes, students must develop multi-tasking ability.

  • The importance of teaching students how to use multiple strategies to comprehend text.
  • The critical relationship between vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Teachers will learn the critical attributes of each of the essential and advanced comprehension skills and how to teach them in a systematic and explicit manner to their students.
    • Clarify
    • Predict
    • Questioning
    • Cause / Effect
    • Problem / Solution
    • Compare / Contrast
    • Time Order / Sequence

Strategic Thinking / Reading Tools and Metacognitive Processes

The process of comprehending is very complex (Pressley 2000). Explicit instruction in strategic thinking / reading tools and metacognitive processes are essential if students are to grasp the sophisticated concepts in content area classes. Participants will learn how to effectively use these strategic thinking / reading tools in their content area classes.

  • How strategic reading / thinking tools improves student understanding of content area concepts and skills.
  • Developing metacognition by proving answers / opinions and explaining thought processes using text clues and prior knowledge.
  • Systematic, explicit instruction in strategic thinking / reading tools.
    • Activate prior knowledge on the topic
    • Question - Answer - Relationship (QAR)
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Visualization
    • Fix up Strategies
    • Think Aloud
    • KWHL Plus
    • Visual Reading Guide (VRG)

Participants will receive a 200 page, Content Area Teachers Manual and 3 resource activity books.