Phase II

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Please contact Lindsey Tilley at or call 580-559-5465.

Literacy First Phase II
3 days - 18 clock hours

Flexible skill groups provide the opportunity to teach or reinforce any reading skill. Teachers select students for flexible skill group instruction using assessment results.  Following systematic, explicit instruction in the group setting, students continue to practice the skill at a literacy center/work station. Flexible skill groups and literacy center activities provide differentiated instruction at the student’s correct instructional level.

  • Using assessment results to place students in the correct flexible skill group for phonological awareness, word study (phonics/spelling), vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency
  • How to differentiate instruction and literacy center activities
  • What to do with the rest of the class while the teacher works with a small group
  • Teacher resource materials that provide hundreds of activities for small group lessons and for practice in centers
  • Teacher resource materials that describe activities, rotation, organization, and management of literacy centers


********Due to recent funding cuts, there is a per head fee to attend.  If you are interested please contact Lindsey Tilley at or at 580-559-5465.