Refresher Schedule

********Due to recent funding cuts, we will not be offering our usual  Fall workshops.  However, some school districts are choosing to run their own classes with some availability to the public.  There is a per head fee to attend.  If you are interested please contact Lindsey Tilley at or at 580-559-5465. 

Click here for the schedule for Refresher courses.

Phase I K-2 & Phase I 3-6

If you took Literacy First prior to the summer of 2001 then these classes are made for you!

Come and find out all of the changes in the curriculum, assessments and teaching techniques that occurred since you first took your Literacy First class. Over the years we have had many revisions and new updated materials given to the participants as the research has developed and better teaching materials have emerged.

You will receive the latest notebook and resource materials. As always you will receive at no cost to you all of the new Phase I and II resource materials for your grade level as well as the newest notebook and assessments.

Substitute Teacher Reimbursement
As we have always done in the past, upon completion of any Literacy First class, school districts will receive $55 per day to help offset the cost of a substitute teacher.

Class times
Classes are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day