Accounting Organizations


  • We are accountants; we like accounting and believe that it is the language of the business world.
  • We sleep with our accounting books; we are tough.
  • We have several meetings in a semester and in each we have a speaker, an ECU graduate, who is excelling in the real world.
  • Come and meet us. We, the officers of the ECU Accounting club, are your connection for networking with tons and tons of ECU Accounting graduates.
  • Yes, we have dues, and it is because when we meet, we try to feed our members.
  • Come and meet us, sacrifice $5 for one semester or $10 for a school year, and become a member.
  • By the way, this stuff looks awesome on a resume.

Advisor: Yvette Harjo
Meetings: Vary on guest speakers and curriculum schedules.
Membership open to any student at ECU interested in Accounting or Finance.

For more information, contact Ms. Yvette Harjo, faculty advisor, at 580-559-5268 or send e-mail to for more details.

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