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Post Master Certification - Superintendent

Please Note:  Effective September 1, 2015 the assessment requirement for candidates seeking principal certification consists of successful completion of one of the following:  OSAT 045 Elementary Principal Comprehensive Assessment, OSAT 046 Middle Level Principal Comprehensive Assessment, or OSAT 047 Secondary Principal Comprehensive Assessment.  OSAT 044 Principal Common Core is no longer required and will no longer be administered.

Alternative Certification

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Alternative Principal Certification

Alternative Teacher Certification

General Philosophy

The Master of Education degree is based on the premise that the process of becoming a more competent teacher involves experiences and preparation beyond the baccalaureate level. Knowledge and skills are developed/improved to enable teachers more effectively to work with children, parents, and other educators. Additionally, teachers develop skills in the creation of original educational products. The following general objectives represent guidelines used in developing and modifying this program.

Objectives of the Department of Education

  1. To continue the student's development in understanding, appreciating, and applying the skills of research in identifying, studying, and solving practical and theoretical problems in education.
  2. To provide assistance and/or opportunities for students to become agents of change for educational best practices.
  3. To help students broaden their knowledge base and perspective in their areas of specialization.
  4. To enable students to enrich and extend both their general and specific professional competence.
  5. To enhance the student's ability to diagnose and implement prescriptive teaching tactics and strategies.
  6. To increase the student's opportunity to reflect on educational practices and issues, to increase the student's power of reflection, and to encourage both lifelong learning and reflection.
  7. To encourage the student to consider and integrate content and methodologies to enhance his or her educational practices.
  8. To increase the student's opportunities to construct meaning in both general educational theory and practice and in the chosen area of specialization.

These objectives are reflected in the development of the specialization options within the Master of Education degree.

A common structure is shared generally within these degree options, all of which lead to the Master of Education degree. Varying curricula within the options provide specialized training for the particular option. Each option provides for the development of a graduate study program related to the student's individual needs through the selection of electives in consultation with the graduate advisor.