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Requirements for Graduate Certification Program
The requirements for standard certification in School Counselor, Special Education-Learning Disabilities, Reading Specialist, Elementary School Principal, and Secondary School Principal are set forth by the State Board of Education and the graduate certificate programs at ECU meet these standards. Additional information regarding requirements for provisional certificates may be obtained from the College of Education or the Office of Graduate Studies. Applicants must pass the Oklahoma Teacher Certification Test in the subject or area for which the certificate is sought.

Those seeking certification as a school superintendent must complete a master's degree in school administration or its' equivalent in order for ECU to recommend them for licensure. In order for the State Department of Education of Oklahoma to issue the certificate based on ECU's recommendation, the candidate must pass the appropriate subject area exams.

Admission to Graduate Certification Program

Applicants for certification must meet one of the following in order to be admitted to teacher education and pursue a certificate

  1. Hold or be eligible for a valid professional, standard Oklahoma Teaching Certificate or License and meet the additional admission requirements of the particular program for which admission is sought.
  2. Meet criteria for admission to teacher education and the additional admission requirements of the particular program for which admission is sought.

School Superintendent Certification - 0875

Standard Certificate-Applicant must hold and maintain a valid Standard Teaching Certificate in Early Childhood, Elementary, Elementary/Secondary, Secondary, Vocational-Technical, Library Media Specialist, or Speech-Language Pathology. Applicant must hold a Master's Degree and certification as a school principal or meet alternative certification requirements for school principal certification. Applicant must have had two (2) years of successful teaching experience in public or private schools accredited the Oklahoma State Board of Education and two (2) years administrative experience in public or private schools accredited by the State Board of Education. Applicant shall pass the Oklahoma Certification Test for School Superintendent prior to being issued a certificate.

Alternative certification candidates must hold a standard master's degree, have two (2) years of relevant work experience in a supervisory or administrative capacity, receive a passing score on the subject area competency exam, and, submit a plan to the Director of Teacher Education at ECU for completing an alternative certification program within three (3) years. Candidates seeking certification through this route should contact the Director of Teacher Education for more information and specific program and course requirements. An alternative certificate for superintendent of schools shall not exceed three (3) years and shall not be renewable.

Select the appropriate checksheet beginning the year of continuous enrollment.

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