Honors Program Mission and Goals

Our Mission

In support of ECU's mission "to educate students for life in a rapidly changing and culturally diverse society" the primary mission of the Honors Program is to provide an enhanced educational experience for the most academically talented, highly motivated students of East Central University. This experience is provided primarily through an enriched curriculum of honors courses and opportunities for undergraduate research. The mission includes the continuing development and assessment of honors courses which are characterized by small enrollment, high-quality faculty, and innovative design. Further, the Honors Program seeks to develop honors students individually and as a community of scholars through providing a mentored environment, promoting university and community service, and recognizing academic achievements.

Our Goals

  1. To offer students enriched academic experiences, including enhanced interdisciplinary coursework and active learning opportunities emphasizing intellectual inquiry.
  2. To provide students with a core group of academically focused individuals who share the common goal of personal achievement and success.
  3. To challenge students to achieve to the best of their academic and personal abilities, fostering intellectual growth and informed and critical citizenship.
  4. To provide students increased direct contact with faculty and distinguished guest speakers.
  5. To encourage all students to participate in undergraduate research, to write about their research in a discipline-appropriate manner, and to present their results within the university setting and at regional and national meetings in their fields.
  6. To provide students with occasions for personal enrichment and leadership development through access to cultural and educational events as well as through service opportunities.
  7. To foster a living/learning environment conducive to academic and social growth.
  8. To assist students pursuing post-graduate education, major scholarships and fellowships, and other experiences beyond our institution.