The Research Committee at East Central University

In an effort to support research and creative scholarship, East Central University provides grants for selected research projects and professional development activities. In general, these grants are intended to facilitate faculty research and professional development and are awarded to faculty association members. Proposals are reviewed by the Research Committee twice each year. Proposal guidelines are posted below.

Committee Members 2014-2015

Dr. Zhimin Wang

Dr. Steve Roring

Mr. Jason Prather

Dr. Dwight Myers

Dr. Mark Hollingsworth

Purposes of the Committee

  • Promotes and monitors faculty and student research efforts
  • Works to create an atmosphere conducive to research
  • Advises faculty to the availability of internal and external research funds administered by the committee
  • Evaluates proposals from faculty members requesting funds for conducting research or for conducting faculty professional development activities; and recommends awarding of internal research funds to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Works with the grants office to explore additional research funding
  • Publishes an annual ECU Research Journal


The following files are in WORD format: