The Department of Psychology explores the science of human behavior, preparing students for a variety of careers. At the undergraduate level, Psychology is offered as a major leading to a B.S. in Psychology, and as a minor. Psychology is the second most popular major at U.S. colleges. The reason for this popularity is likely because the scientific study of behavior, thinking, and feeling is important for an extremely wide range of professional pursuits. In addition to preparing students for immediate employment, our undergraduate program in Psychology lays a solid foundation for those students wishing to enter professional and graduate programs. Students may earn credit by participating in research with faculty members that leads to presentations at professional meetings and publication in scientific or professional journals. These opportunities are especially valuable for those students interested in pursuing graduate training in Psychology. 

Concentrations in Psychology include Counseling, School Psychology, School Counseling, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience/Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Sports Psychology, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Certification programs include a post-Master Certificate in School Psychology and a Post-Master Certificate in Psychometry.



Research Projects
Psychology's knowledge structure is based firmly on a research background, and without some exposure to this process (as either a participant and/or a researcher), students are truly missing out. Below, you will find research activities that are taking place within the department as well as projects that have been presented by students at various state, regional, and national conferences. If you are interested in any aspect of the research program in the Department of Psychology, please contact us.

ECU Psychology Scholarships
Welcome to the scholarship page for the ECU Department of Psychology. Below you will find applications for the various scholarships offered by our department. Please note that the deadline for these applications is February 1, and the applications will be available by November 1 of the Fall Semester before they are due.   

Undergraduate Student Application (i.e., Judy Crabtree Centennial Memorial Endowment Scholarship; E.H. Nelson Psychology Scholarship; Briles Scholarship)
Graduate Student Application (i.e., Higginbothom Family Scholarship, E.H. Nelson Psychology Scholarship; Briles Scholarship)
Scholarship Recommendation Form

Please note there are multiple scholarships that can be applied for at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Only one application is necessary, but each specific scholarship will have unique requirements.

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