Welcome to the College of Health and Sciences at East Central University. We are delighted you have decided to visit and believe you will find interesting opportunities to become involved either as a student, alumnus, and/or supporter of our programs. To this end, the faculty and staff of the college are eager to assist you.

The College of Health and Sciences houses the disciplines that study all aspects of natural, mathematical, and health sciences and their applications. Students can gain knowledge and skill within each of these fields, becoming informed citizens that can effectively serve society as teachers, researchers, medical professionals, inventors, computer programmers, and numerous other professionals. New horizons are explored and explained through critical thought, investigative proficiency, and effective communication in the ethical pursuit of knowledge.

The faculty members of the College of Health and Sciences invite you to join us in this “Journey of Innovation and Discovery” as we pursue solutions to some of today’s most difficult challenges. A degree in a science discipline will open many more doors than you may realize, and our graduates are in high demand. At ECU, you will receive excellent preparation for your future career and also will become better prepared to use the fields of health and science as you serve the community around you.     

As one of the largest and most comprehensive academic units at ECU, the College of Health and Sciences provides 21 undergraduate and 11 pre-professional programs to its students. Bachelor’s degrees offered through the College of Health and Sciences include Biology, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medical Physics, Applied Mathematics, Nursing, and Environmental Health Science. Pre-professional programs include: 

nursing students in classroom

School of Nursing

Do you like caring for other people?

Man standing by beakers

Department of Chemistry

Do you want to learn about the science of matter and its properties?

Woman in lab using instruments

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Are you interested in the study of living organisms or maps?

student and instructor in computer lab

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Interested in technology and the math behind it?

students using telescope

Department of Physics

Would you like to learn the fundamentals of the universe?

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Physical and Environmental
Science Center, Room 101
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What Can I Become?
Applied Mathematician
Cardiology Nurse
Child Care Provider
Computer Programmer
Environmental Health
Fish & Game Warden
Food Safety Inspector
Land Surveyor
Medical Physicist
Military Nurse
Molecular Biologist
NASA Subcontractor
Pediatric Nurse
Real Estate Appraiser
Software Engineer
... and so many more!