This concentration requires a minimum of ninety-four semester hours credit of prescribed study on the campus, followed by a clinical component (30 hours) which consists of a year of approved professional training in Clinical Laboratory Science. The professional training must be done in a school of clinical laboratory science approved by the University and by the Oklahoma Consortium of Clinical Laboratory Scientist Affiliates.
Requirements for admission to the clinical component of clinical laboratory scientist:

Complete the general education requirements.
Complete prescribed science and math courses or equivalent courses.
Complete a sufficient number of approved electives to complete the minimum requirement of ninety-four semester hours.
Grade average must be a 2.5 or better overall and in the specific work in science and math.
Ten semester hours of the ninety-four must be done in upper-division courses (3000 and 4000 level).

Attainment of the requirements above does not guarantee admission to the clinical component of the program. The number of applicants placed is based on the number of applicants accepted by affiliated Schools of Clinical Laboratory Science.