The Department of Physics is one of the most fundamental and all- inclusive of the sciences. It is an attempt to understand the foundations of our universe through the study of the phenomena of motion, force, energy, sound, electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, heat, light, and quantum mechanics. Physics students use advanced mathematics to solve challenging experimental or theoretical problems, so they often major in mathematics as well. The ability to analyze a problem and find the best possible solution is vital to success in many fields. As a result, physics graduates often work in such seemingly non-related areas as medicine, law, biology, business, or military science, as well as in engineering, mathematics, computer science, or industry.

Physics is housed in the Physical and Environmental Sciences building with access to modern computers and physics laboratory equipment. A 14-inch telescope and several other telescopes are located at the ECU observatory on campus. Small classes and ready access to caring professors help students succeed.

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