Welcome to Native American Studies at ECU! Native Studies is an interdisciplinary program that reflects an awareness of the issues which contemporary native communities and peoples confront. By approaching the multiplicity of Indian cultures from a variety of academic perspectives, a deeper understanding of native societies past and present, emerges. It makes use of the strengths of university faculty members in history, political science, business, nursing, legal studies, art, English, human resources, and other disciplines.

NAS Career Opportunities

The Native American Studies degree prepares students to work for or with native communities or peoples to understand those communities or individuals in a broad cultural, historical, social, and political context. A variety of career options are available to Native American Studies graduates, including but not limited to one of the following areas:

  •     Tribal Communities
  •     Native Organizations
  •     Federal, Provincial and Municipal Civil Service
  •     Public Health and Health Delivery
  •     Law and Politics
  •     Public Relations
  •     Museum and Archival Work
  •     Social Work and Counseling
  •     Graduate School
  •     Private Consulting
  •     Journalism
  •     Teaching and Post-Secondary Education
  •     Resource Management


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Minor Offered

Minor in Native American Studies