Lincoln-Douglass Debate: NFA Lincoln-Douglas Debate is a one-person, persuasive, policy debate on traditional stock issues. It is a communication event, by which we mean the philosophy of the activity is consistent with that which governs other individual events. Competitors in NFA Lincoln-Douglas will be evaluated on their analysis, use of evidence, and ability to effectively and persuasively organize, deliver, and refute arguments. Rapid-fire delivery, commonly called “spread delivery,” is considered antithetical to the purpose and intent of this event.

Time structure of debate:
Affirmative Constructive (AC) - 6 minutes
Cross-examination of Affirmative speaker by the Negative - 3 minutes
Negative Constructive and 1st Negative Rebuttal (NC and 1NR) - 7 minutes
Cross-examination of Negative speaker by the Affirmative - 3 minutes
1st Affirmative Rebuttal (1AR) - 4 minutes
2nd Negative Rebuttal (2NR) - 6 minutes
2nd Affirmative Rebuttal (2AR) - 3 minutes

Parliamentary:   "Parli," is a debate format in which tournament officials assign a new topic every round. After the announcement of the topic, the two teams have a limited preparation time.

7 Minute Prime Minister's Constructive
8 Minute Leader of the Opposition's Constructive
8 Minute Member of Government's Constructive
8 Minute Member of Opposition's Constructive
4 Minute Leader of Opposition's Rebuttal
5 Minute Prime Minister's Rebuttal


Scholarship Application

Scholarship monies are awarded at the end of the spring semester and during the summer to incoming freshman.  If you are interested in competing for Tiger Speech and Debate, click here and fill out the information form.


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