Advertising and Public Relations is a growing, fast-paced field but what exactly is it? Well, advertising is simply a visual or audio way to communicate with the masses through all forms of media. Advertising is promoting a company, brand, product or a service through social media, television, radio, magazines, or even websites. Public Relations is a strategic way of maintaining and promoting a company's/organization's image in the public eye. Public Relations also focuses on strategic writing to help promote a brand by writing press/news releases, newsletters, speech writing, and more. Advertising and Public Relations is designed for students interested in representing businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations in the public sphere. It focuses on developing strong communication and critical thinking skills while, also providing a deeper understanding of the advertising and public relations process. 

How can ECU AD/PR help me?
Our students have the opportunity for hands-on learning and real-world experiences while building up their professional portfolios. Many students choose to work closely with nonprofit organizations to assist them with communication needs. Additionally, Ad/PR students may work with campus departments, student organizations, and community event planners to gain more experience

What Can I Become?

  • Marketing and Communications Specialist
  • Director of Public Relations and Communications
  • Social Media Marketing Director
  • Special Events Manager
  • Public Relations and Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Brand Manager
  • Graphic Designer