Welcome to the Piano Area of East Central University's Music Program!
Our strong piano program prepares students to be performers, accompanists and piano teachers, as well as providing a thorough and solid musical base for pianists going on to advanced studies in graduate school. In addition to weekly lessons, classes are offered in accompanying, piano literature and piano pedagogy, and there are many performing opportunities with weekly studio classes, departmental recitals, studio recitals and juries, and events in the community. Pianist students also have the opportunity to accompany and teach private students, gaining valuable job experience.

Piano Concentration
This degree prepares students for a variety of careers in music. These career include: Private Studio Instructor, Professional Musician, Accompanist, Composer/Arranger, etc.

Piano Teacher Certification Concentration
This degree prepares students to become K-12 music educators.

Piano with Elective in Business
This degree program is meant for those seeking careers in the music industry. Possible career fields include: Talent Agent, Concert Promoter, Music Business Consultant, Record Company Executive, Music Publisher, Tour Coordinator, etc. This degree is fulfilled by completing a Bachelor of Science in Instrumental Music with a Minor in Business Administration for Music Majors. 

Minor in Business Administration for Music Majors - 070D

One of the following:

  • ACCT 2003 Fin & Mgrl Acct for Non-Bus Majors
  • BUS 1113 Intro to Business

Required Courses:

  • MGMT 3013 Principles of Management
  • MIS 1903 Computer Business Applications
  • MKTG 3313 Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG 3353 Retailing and eBusiness Management

Three hours Accounting or Business Administration. Upper Level courses or COMM 3243 (ORGL courses do not count as Electives).
Minimum Total: 18 Hours

"My music studies at ECU made my current success possible. Thanks to the purposeful mentorship of the faculty, I was accepted into graduate school at one of the top piano pedagogy programs in the nation, performed at a festival in Europe, won national awards in research and composition, and had a solo published by Alfred Music. I currently work full time as a pianist, composer, and teacher in my private studio. It is fantastic to be able to make a living with my art, and studying at ECU taught me how to do it. I learned so much more than how to play the piano!" -- Angela, 2011 Grad, Piano Performance

Learn to Play the Piano
In addition to nurturing our piano majors, the piano professors have the chance to work with all music students at ECU as well as any ECU student interested in developing their piano skills. There are four levels of class piano offered every semester, as well as private piano lessons. The ECU piano faculty also offer students the opportunity to take organ and harpsichord lessons. We recently obtained a beautiful Steinway B grand piano and a Dowd, two-manual Flemish-style harpsichord. Piano skills are essential for all musicians, and a music degree from ECU ensures that motivated students will have the skills necessary to work with choirs, accompany students for competitions and provide music for worship.

Recitals, Recitals, Recitals!!!
We are proud to present an extensive series of piano recitals every year by students, faculty, and guest artists. In addition, ECU is currently the host of the Oklahoma Federation of Music Club's Annual State Honors Recital and District VI Festival, as well as many other Oklahoma Music Teacher Association and Federation of Music Club events.

Be our Guest!
Guests are welcome to sit in on piano classes, studio recitals and lessons. For more information or to set up a visit to our campus, please contact W. T. Skye Garcia at 580-559-5472 or wgarcia@ecok.edu.

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W.T. Skye Garcia
Instructor, Piano & Music Theory
Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center
Room 152