Minor in Mass Communication - 490A

MCOM 1733 Introduction to Mass Media

Select 15 hours from the following courses: (at least six hours must be 3000-4000 level courses)
MCOM 1713 Introduction to Photography
MCOM 1813 Introduction to Video Production
MCOM 2733 Writing for Media
MCOM 2743 News Writing
MCOM 2753 Audio Production
MCOM 3333 Intermediate Photography
MCOM 3343 Digital Publishing
MCOM 3783 Feature Writing
MCOM 3823 Advertising
MCOM 3843 Advertising Copy and Layout
MCOM 3853 Media Ethics and Law
MCOM 3863 Broadcast News and Announcing
MCOM 3873 Television Field Production
MCOM 3893 Public Relations
MCOM 4123 Post Production
MCOM 4223 Photography Portfolio
MCOM 4233 Documentary Production
MCOM 4313 Advanced Video Production (Subject named in title listing)
MCOM 4323 Ad/PR Campaigns (Subject named in title listing)
MCOM 4733 Contemp Issues in Mass Communications
MCOM 4813 Public Relations Writing
MCOM 4863 Television Studio Production
MCOM 4981-4 Seminar in Mass Comm (Subject named in title listing)
MCOM 4991-4 Individual Study in Mass Comm (Subject named in title listing)

Minimum Total Hours - 18

Must earn three hours of upper-division work at ECU towards minor to complete minor residency requirement.