Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the online programs at East Central University? We have answers. Find information about transfer credits, financial aid, online learning and more. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, fill out our request information form and one of our personalized enrollment counselors will be in touch, ready to help.

Online Education

How is an online class structured?

ECU's online programs consist of eight-week sessions. Course information is delivered through our website (as text, video, audio and PowerPoint slides). Courses are asynchronous, allowing you to access discussion forums with your classmates and instructors when it is convenient for you. Offered fully online, our courses do not require you to come to campus for in-person interaction, although some courses may require proctored testing. 

Is studying online right for me?

Earning your degree online gives you the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you desire. Throughout your fully online program, you will have access to several resources and support. In order to be a successful online student, you must be self-motivated and have time-management skills. You can learn more about the online experience here.

How long will it take to complete my program?

Our online programs vary in length depending on the degree level and the amount of credits you transfer, if any. When pursued full time, our bachelor’s programs take about two to four years to complete, and our RN to BSN program can be finished in as little as one year. Our master’s degree programs can be completed in about two years. Check your program’s page for specific information about program length.

How do I enroll in online courses?

If you are accepted to East Central University, you can enroll in our online courses. See your adviser for enrollment. To enroll:

  1. Login to MyECU with your university username and password (click here to find out your username or reset your password)
  2. Click on Student
  3. Click on Registration and Semester Schedule

Are the semesters for online courses different?

The start and finish of our courses correspond with University semester deadlines. Students are expected to meet all course deadlines and due dates. View our Academic Calendar for more information.

How is testing handled for online courses?

Most exams takes place online. A few courses require proctored testing.

What if I have a question about my grades or assignments?

Questions regarding grades or course content should be directed to the instructor through Blackboard.

Are all classes offered every semester?

Not all classes are offered every semester, so check the ECU class schedule for availability.

Do online classes offer the same credit hours as on-campus courses?

There is no distinction in granting credit between traditional classroom sections and online sections.

What are the admission requirements for online classes?

In order to take online courses for credit, you must apply and be accepted to East Central University. See our Admissions page for more information about your program of interest.

Will credit for classes that I have taken elsewhere transfer to East Central University?

Please check with the Academic Success Center about transferring credits from other institutions. If you have credits transferred to East Central University, your enrollment counselor will determine how credits apply toward your degree.

What will my degree cost?

The tuition for our online programs varies. To find out how much program of interest is, visit our Costs and Fees page.

I have submitted my East Central University admission application, now what?

Our recommendation is to allow seven business days for processing after the Office of Admissions has received your application, application fee and all official transcripts. If you haven't heard anything after seven days, then you may call Admissions at 580-559-5234 to check the status.

When can I begin working on my online course?

Access to the online class is available through Blackboard seven days before the start of the semester for students enrolled in the class.

Financial Aid

What types of financial aid are available?

Online students have the option of receiving three types of aid: grants, scholarships and direct loans. Eligibility depends upon multiple factors, including your level of study. Please speak with your enrollment counselor to learn more about your individual options. 

What is East Central University's Title IV FAFSA code?

Our FAFSA code is 003154.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. The ECU Foundation offers an array of scholarships for deserving students. Online students are eligible for these opportunities if they are enrolled full-time. You’ll find the full list of scholarships here. 

Do you offer financial support for veterans?

We offer a number of support services to veterans, including financial assistance. To learn more, visit our Military and Veterans page.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes, we offer a convenient payment plan to help you finance your online program. Visit our Payment Plan page for information.

Transfer Credits

How many credit hours will you accept from my two-year college?

We accept up to 94 transfer credits for undergrad programs and up to nine credits for our graduate programs. All credit hours from accredited institutions will transfer to East Central University, however, 60 credit hours must be taken from a senior college to receive a degree.

How do I know which classes are going to transfer? 

All credits from accredited institutions will transfer to ECU. Some will transfer only as elective credit hours and some will equate to specific courses. Your enrollment counselor can assist you in knowing how transfer courses will apply toward degree requirements.

My transcript from my previous school is based on quarter credit hours. How will those convert to credit hours? 

The number of quarter credit hours is multiplied by two-thirds to equal credit hours.