What classes do you offer?
Check the ECU Schedule for the classes we offer.
How are your classes delivered?
Check the ECU Schedule for the classes we offer - the schedule will indicate the format of the class; some are web-delivered, others are delivered via interactive television or live at another site.
When do I have to go to class?
Blended courses meet both online and in the classroom.  Check the schedule or with your instructor for specific details.  Online courses are fully online and do not meet face-to-face, although some courses do require proctored testing.
What do I have to do to enroll in distance courses?
If you are accepted to East Central University and have Internet access, you can enroll in our online courses. See your advisor for enrollment. To enroll:

  1. Login to MyECU with your university username and password (click here to find out your username or reset your password)
  2. Click on “Student Tab”
  3. Click on Registration and Semester Schedule

*For step by step instruction, go to “How do I document.”
Are the semesters for online courses different?
The start and finish of our courses correspond with University semester deadlines. Students are expected to meet all course deadlines and due dates. Check out the ECU Dates and Deadlines
How is testing handled for distance courses?
Most testing is done online; some courses require paper writing with submission through email or fax. A few courses require proctored testing.

What if I have a question about my grades or assignments?
Questions regarding grades or course content should be directed to the instructor through e-mail, phone, or office appointment.

Are all of your classes offered every semester?
Not all of these classes are offered every semester, so check the ECU class schedule for availability.

Do online classes offer the same credit hours as on-campus courses?
There is no distinction in granting credit between traditional classroom sections and online sections.

What are the admission requirements for distance classes?
In order to take online courses for credit, you must apply and be accepted to East Central University. See Admissions for more information.  The admission requirements are the same, regardless of course format.

Will credit for classes that I have taken elsewhere transfer to East Central University?
Please check with the Admissions for your question about transfer hours from other institutions. If you have hours transferred to East Central University, your academic advisor would then determine how these transfer hours apply toward your degree.

I have sent in my East Central University admission application, now what?
Our recommendation is to allow 7 working days for processing after you know the Office of Admissions has received your application, application fee, and all official transcripts. If you haven't heard anything after 7 days, then you can call Admissions and Records at 580.559.5234 to check the status.

When can I begin working on my distance course?
Access to the online class is available through Blackboard at the beginning on the first day of the semester to those students enrolled in the class.