Below is a list of online graduate programs available through distance education. Click the links to learn more about each program. Don't forget to check out the ECU School of Graduate Studies page for more information about admission into the Graduate Studies program and more.

Master of Education

The Master of Education degree enables teachers to expand their career possibilities and to develop and improve their skills, allowing them to work more effectively with children, parents, and teachers. 

Library Media - 0900 (32 hours) - The Master's of Library Media is designed for graduate students planning to become a School Library Media Specialist in grades PreK-12th in public or private educational settings. The intent of the program is to prepare competent, certified School Library Media Specialists in accordance with the state and national professional standards and guidelines. All areas of school librarianship, including technology, are emphasized. Special attention is given to the development of the student as a consumer of research along with a major emphasis on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary to become a School Library Media Specialist. This program is offered at:

Educational Leadership - 0980 (32 hours) - The graduate program option for Educational Leadership is designed for the graduate student specializing in administration for grades K-12. Special attention is given to the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become an effective school principal. In order to complete this option, a student must hold and maintain a valid teaching certificate and must have completed two years of successful public school teaching. This program is offered at:

Sports Administration - 1050 (33 hours) - The Master of Education in Sports Administration specialization is designed to prepare the professional educator for positions as Head Coach, Athletic Director, or other administrative positions responsible for directing athletic programs. The program is based on specialized courses in athletic administration. This program is offered at:

Master of Science in Water Resource Policy and Management

Water Resource Policy and Management - 1030 (30 hours) - The Master of Science in Water Resource Policy and Management supports the need for an advanced understanding of the growing complexity of water issues that face communities in the state, nation, and globally. This degree trains students for leadership in making water policy decisions and prepares students who seek employment within federal and state environmental agencies, environmental non-governmental organizations, international development agencies, industry and environmental consulting firms.

The program requires students to integrate and synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines to address the complex challenges of water resource decisions and to develop solutions that are socially acceptable, politically and economically viable, and environmentally sustainable. Students will be broadly trained to undertake careers in managing water resources and in guiding or making water resource policy decisions

Master of Art in Criminal Justice Administration

Criminal Justice Administration - 1070 (30 hours) - A Master of Art in Criminal Justice Administration degree supports the need for an understanding of the administration and management of criminal justice agencies and organizations. A degree in criminal justice administrative roles in many areas of criminal justice including the following: city police departments, sheriff's offices, state departments of correction, federal law enforcement agencies, and private sector agencies. Specifically, this degree will prepare students for roles as police chiefs, assistant of deputy chiefs, sheriffs, undersheriffs, wardens, deputy wardens, and chief agents of law enforcement entities.