Below is a list of undergraduate degrees one is able to obtain through online education at East Central University. Click below to learn more about each degree program:

    1. Interdisciplinary Studies - The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) offers an alternative route to a college degree. The IDS bypasses more traditional formats and offers a unique mix of web-based and field experience courses to be combined with courses from other majors - which may also be available in alternative delivery formats - and creates a major tailored to an individual student's career and/or personal goals. Available:

    2. RSN to BSN - Nursing is an exciting and rewarding profession that involves both the art of caring and the science of curing. Professional nurses are in high demand in today's health care system. They are being recognized for their skills, judgment and decision-making ability and research has shown that there is a direct correlation between successful patient recovery and the number of nurses providing care. Available:

    3. Human Services Counseling - The Mission of the Human Services Counseling Program is to provide a baccalaureate program designed to furnish the necessary skills for entry-level employment in human services positions in a variety of government, civic, and private organizations. Available:

    4. Criminal Justice Policy - With an interdisciplinary approach to criminal justice, this program provides a strong educational foundation through accelerated courses in law, political science and technical writing. You’ll also gain hands-on experience through an exciting internship opportunity. Available:

    5. Kinesiology - Students seeking employment in health clubs, recreational facilities, hospital-based wellness programs, cardiac rehabilitation programs, and sports medicine clinics may find a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology beneficial. Students study human movement, giving students the means to educate the total person for living in an enlightened society.