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The program curriculum has been specifically designed to provide an educational experience which will prepare ECU students to successfully complete all portions of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, while earning an advanced degree.

accountant, auditor, banker, billing and posting clerk, brokerage clerk, business intelligence analyst, chief executives, cpa, credit authorizer/councelor, entrepreneur, estate planner, financial analyst, risk manager, statement clerk, statistical assistant, tax advisor, treasurer, controller, ceo, cfo, city manager, fbi agent, internal auditor, cost accountant, consultant Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Art - Graphic Design Concentration

The Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design prepares ECU students for careers in the fields of design, graphic design, typography, layout, publication and corporate image design, or fields in which these skills are applicable.

3d artist, art director, artist, creative director, creative service manager, digital designer, digital marketing manager, digital media specialist, electronic prepress operator, graphic artist, graphic design manager, graphic design specialist, graphic design supervisor, interactive designer, layout artist, multimedia designer, product designer, senior animator, senior art director, technical artist, app designer, web designer, chief creative officer, marketing designer, digital illustrator, marketing officer, marketing director, motion designer, multimedia artist, multimedia designer, animator, ux designer, ui designer, video editor Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Art - Studio Art Concentration

The Bachelor of Fine Arts with a studio concentration is the professional undergraduate degree in the visual arts. It prepares ECU students to make images in a wide variety of media and also focuses study on one of the traditional studio disciplines.

agent for artist/performer, animator, art therapist, art director, art historian, art restorer, artist, arts administrator, calligrapher, ceramic artist, designer, drama and music teacher, exhibition coordinator, fashion artist/designer, fine artist, foundry artist, graphic designer, investment fund manager, illustrator, mechanical & production artist, motion picture animator, photographer, photojournalist, printmaker, printing designer, quick sketch artist, set designer, stained glass artist, art professor, studio technician, art therapist, curator, gallery director, preparator, independent artist, print shop assistant Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan
Art - Teacher Certification

The Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Arts Education concentration prepares ECU students for careers as Art Teachers in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve.

archivist, art professor, art instructor, arts teacher, craft artist, drama teacher, graphic designer, middle-school teacher, museum technician, painter, photographer Degree Checklist

4 Year Plan