Payment Options

Payment Options

East Central University provides several convenient options to assist students making payments for tuition, fees, and room and board.  Payments are accepted for the full or partial balances.

All accounts not paid by the established due date will have a “Miscellaneous Business Hold” applied to their account.  Students whose accounts are on hold by the business office may not add or change classes, enroll in future semesters, request official transcripts, or receive their diplomas.  Once full payment is made, the hold will be removed.

Online Payments

Most students will find everything they need to pay their bills online at with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check.  Your payments will be processed and applied to your account within 24 hours.

To pay online simply log in to MyECU, navigate to the STUDENT tab, then select Billing Information from the menu on the left.  From there, click the link that says “Go to the Student Finance Center.” 

After a few moments, you will be redirected to CashNet where your current balance will be displayed.  Click “Pay Now.”

You will be presented with a screen displaying the totals for different billing categories.  If you wish to pay the full balance, simply leave these numbers as they are and click “Checkout” at the bottom as seen in this example.

If you wish to pay a different amount, change the numbers in the category fields to indicate the amounts you want to pay, then click “Checkout.”  Using the previous example, this student could not pay the total of $2,291.20 but wanted to make a partial payment of $1,000.  To do this, the student put the number "0" in two of the available fields and entered $1,000 under tuition. 


Also provided is a section allowing you to pre-pay on your account.  Any amount entered in this box will be added to the total on the account.  Using this example, if the student added $1,000 to the pre-pay box and changed nothing else, at checkout the student would have been charged $3,291.20.  This is the total of what is currently owed plus the pre-pay amount. 

ONLY use this option if you are wanting to pay toward a future balance.  Amounts entered here will not be deducted from what you currently owe.  This section is only for those who wish to pay against anticipated charges for future semesters.  It is never necessary to pre-pay, and this option is provided only as a convenience to those who wish to use it.  If you do not wish to pre-pay, make sure this box includes no numbers before clicking “Checkout.” 

From here, you will be asked for your payment information.  You may pay with no additional charges using your checking account by providing your account and routing numbers. 

You may also pay with a credit or debit card.  When using a card, a 2.75% convenience fee will be assessed at the same time you make your payment.

Mail-in Payments

Students may also make payments via postal mail using a personal check pre-printed with a name and valid US mailing address, money order, or cashier’s check.  Please make these payable to East Central University, and address the envelope to:

East Central University
1100 E. 14th Street
Ada, OK 74820-6999

In-Person Payments

Students pay also pay in person in the Bursar’s Office, Administration Room 108 with checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, or cash only.  ECU does not accept credit or debit cards in person for student account payments.

Electronic Funds Transmission (EFT) or Wire

ECU can also accept electronic funds transfers (EFT) for making payments to your account.  When making a payment using this method you must be certain to include identification information other than you name.  You will need to make arrangements with your bank or other preferred financial institution to initiate the transfer, and you will need to advise them of your ID information and to include it on the transmittal.  Your bank will also need certain bits of information from us.   You can find all the information they may require on our ECU Wire Info Sheet (pdf).

Refund Policy

East Central University applies all funds (payments, scholarships, federal and state aid, etc.) to the student’s billing account. If these transactions create a credit balance after all charges are paid in full, the student will receive a refund. 

Refunds will be made according to a regular schedule beginning with the first disbursement of financial aid.  This is typically the fourth week of Fall and Spring semesters and the second week of Summer semesters.  After the first disbursement, refunds will be made every Tuesday and Friday through the end of the term.  Refunds are processed after 1pm on the day they are made.

PLEASE NOTE: If you find that after having enrolled that you will not be attending classes, you must cancel your enrollment in writing immediately.

Request for cancellation should be processed in person or mailed to ECU Office of Admissions and Records. The request may also be FAXED to (580) 559-5432 or e-mailed to  ECU will not cancel an enrollment due to non-payment. Failure to withdraw from classes will result in money owed to the University for tuition and fees, even though not attending.