Institutional Diversity

At East Central University, we realize that diversity is one of our greatest resources. In order to prepare our students to be successful in the diverse workplace of today, we need to expose them to a diverse workforce and educational environment at our institution.

Our university is committed to equal opportunity employment, aiming for a discrimination and harassment free work and study environment, and embracing a community of increasingly diverse needs and backgrounds.

NASA club

A disabled student signing to a friend

Multi-Cultural Dinner 2005 Students, Sponsers, and Friends

ECU Minority Scholarships

ECU Women's Scholarship - ECU Women's Club
Thorpe-White Scholarship - ECU Foundation
Native American Student Association Scholarship - NASA
Gates Millennium Scholarship - AIGC - American Indian Graduate Center
Tribal Scholarships - Tribal Education Department
ECAMP - East Central Alliance for Minority Participation - Dr. Carl Rutledge

A Non-Traditional student studying