Color Printing and Stationery

Printing jobs in color have actual charges that are payable by purchase orders, checks or cash. We mostly print flyers in small quantities. Paper options for the flyers include regular paper up to 11x17, cardstock and glossy finish. We can print directly from the copier but the quality is better when they are sent to us as files preferably in Publisher format. Send your e-mail to with the file as an attachment along with the instructions for the order. We'll also need to know the method of payment for the charges which is usually a purchase order number. You'll need approval from your department chair, office manager or the person that is responsible for the purchase orders to make sure they approve the charges.   

Orders for letterhead and specialized envelopes are sent to off-campus printers. It's the responsibility of the departments to set up the requisitions and to place the orders with the printers. Keep in mind that the turn-around time from placing the order until it's printed may take up to two months so please plan accordingly.  Our office will print up to 50 business cards but larger orders need to be placed through and are paid for with Procards. Various templates can be found at  Each department is entitled to 500 color copies of a two-sided brochure each year through the Communications and Marketing Office.