Center for Assessment and Institutional Research

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Satisfaction and Student Opinion Surveys

Alumni Surveys

ECU utilizes the alumni surveys to evaluate the impact of our programs and services by assessing student experiences and perceptions of graduates. This survey provides detailed feedback in primarily four areas:
1) background information,
2) continuing education,
3) college experiences, and
4) employment history.
To view an Alumni Survey (pdf), select the year and click 'Go to Archived Alumni Surveys' button.

Student Opinion Surveys

ECU utilizes the student opinion surveys to assess students' perceptions of the importance of, and satisfaction with our programs, services, and environmental factors while attending East Central University. Also included are an extended set of background items and a set of items related to students' experiences at ECU. Feedback from this survey is organized primarily around five areas:
1) background information,
2) college services,
3) the college environment,
4) college impressions, and
5) college experiences.
To view a Student Opinion Survey (pdf), select the year and click 'Go to Archived Student Opinion Surveys' button.