Young Democrats

College campuses across the United States have seen their students become more interested and involved in the political processes of our day. Not only have the candidates been a source of debate (and controversy) but the issues as well. Forums are now being provided at East Central University to allow students to organize, rally, study, and debate the issues. One of such forums is the Young Democrats.

One of the purposes for the Young Democrats is to provide information to the student body on Democratic candidates on all levels: city, county, state, and national. Also, the Young Democrats provide activities to further involvement in politics. The Young Democrats offer the chance to learn about politics as well as offer the opportunity to volunteer time and effort towards politicians' campaigns.

As a group, we have participated in political debates on campus, including a debate for the US House of Representatives between Republican Tom Cole, who eventually won election in 2002, and Democrat Darryl Roberts. We also helped with the State Senate debate between Democrat Susan Paddack and Republican Karroll Rhoads. Sen. Paddack won election in 2004.

Our meetings are held on Thursday afternoons at 4:00pm in 241 HM.
Please contact one of the co-advisors for more information.

Charles Peaden, Young Democrats Co-Advisor
Office: 248c HM
Phone: 580-559-5422

Christine Pappas, Young Democrats Co-Advisor
Office: 248a HM
Phone: 580-559-5640