Communication Studies Minor

COMM  1733    Introduction to Mass Media

Select one of the following:

COMM  1113    Fundamentals of Speech
COMM  2253    Communication in the Workplace

Select 12 hours from the following (nine hours must be selected from 3000-4000 level courses):

COMM  1153    Voice and Diction
COMM  2133    Interviewing
COMM  2153    Interpersonal Communication
COMM  2233    Argumentation and Debate
COMM  2313    Listening
COMM  2881-4 Special Studies in Communication
COMM  3133    Organizational Communication
COMM  3213    Persuasion
COMM  3243    Presentational Communication
COMM  3613    Group Dynamics
COMM  4183    Theories of Human Communication
COMM  4423    Intercultural Communication
COMM  4981-4 Seminar in Communication

Minimum Total Hours                            18

"Teachers" or "methods" courses do not count in the minor.