Art Degree Requirements

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Coursework for the BFA - Studio Concentration (Effective Fall 2011)

Major in Fine Art 69 hrs

Foundation Core 21

ART 1113 Fundamentals of Art

ART 1133 Basic Drawing

ART 1133 Basic Design I

ART 1313 Basic Design II

ART 2243 Art History Survey I

ART 2253 Art History Survey II

ART 3133 Advanced Drawing I

Studio Core  18

Required  courses

ART 3143 Advanced Drawing II

ART 4213 History of Art Contemporary

(Select 4 courses from the list below)

ART 2213 Watercolor I

ART 2313 Painting I

ART 3403 Life Drawing I

ART 3513 Sculpture I

ART 3713 Printmaking I

ART 3813 Ceramics I

ART 3923 Digital Imaging I

Advanced Studio

ART 3414 Life Drawing II

Then select 2 courses:
ART 3213 Watercolor II

ART 3313 Painting II

ART 3613 Sculpture II

ART 4713 Printmaking II

For focus, select 15 additional hours from one of these studio areas: Sculpture and Ceramics, Painting and Watercolor, Printmaking and Drawing

Capstone Course 3

ART 4973