Art Degree Requirements

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Coursework in the BFA - Education Concentration (Effective Fall 2011)


Major in Art Ed 80  hrs
Foundations Core 18
ART 1113 Fundamentals of Art
ART 1133 Basic Design I
ART 1313 Basic Design II
ART 2243 Art History Survey I
ART 2253 Art History Survey II
Studio Core  24
ART 2213 Watercolor I
ART 3923 Digital Imaging
ART 2313 Painting I
ART 3403 Life Drawing I
ART 3513 Sculpture I
ART 3713 Printmaking I
ART 3813 Ceramics I
ART 3823 Crafts
ART 3273 Aesthetics
Advanced Studio (Select 1 Course) 3
ART 3213 Watercolor II
ART 3313 Painting II
ART 3413 Life Drawing II
ART 3613 Sculpture II
ART 4713 Printmaking II
Education Core  35
ART 4412 Art for Elementary Teachers
ART 4513 Art for Secondary Teachers
EDUC 2402 Survey of Exceptional Child
PSYCH 3463 Child and Adolescent Psych
EDUC 2012 Foundations of Education
EDUC 2211 Field Experience I
EDPSY 3513 Educ Psych
EDUC 3001 Field Experience II
EDUC 4043 Strat for Effective Tchg
EDUC 4611 Field Experience III
EDUC 4632 Educational Technology
EDUC 4262 Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC 4965 Sup Student Teaching Grades PK - 12
EDUC 4965 Sup Student Teaching  Grades PK - 12 
Related Work  9
ART 2273 Survey of Multicultural Art
COMM 1113 Fundamentals of Speech
PSYCH 1113 General Psychology