What can I become with a Political Science and Legal Studies Degree?

  • Attorney
  • Legal Assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Lobbyist
  • Bar Examiner
  • Claims Adjudicator
  • Judge
  • Public Defender
  • Tax Attorney
  • Title Attorney
  • Elected Official
  • Political Consultant
  • Prosecutor
  • District Attorney
  • Or you can work in government at the local, tribal, state, national or international level.
Does a Political Science and Legal Studies Degree make $$ and Sense?
The Chicago Tribune reports that college graduates earn on average 75% more money than those who only have a high school degree. In particular, graduates with a political science/legal studies degree typically can earn between $24,000 and $55,000 for entry level jobs. (PayScale 2010-11 College Salary Report)