Alumni of the Honors Program

Emily Denny

Photo of Honors Program alum Emily DennyWhen I came to college I had intended to join no societies or organizations, due to the fact that I was overwhelmed and overbooked all through my high school days. But, the Honors program seemed to offer more benefits than requests of personal time. I signed up, enrolled early and enjoyed smaller classes throughout my first semester of my freshman year. In my second semester, I teamed up with a couple other honors students (who would turn into my closest friends) and presented a project in Wichita, KS, thus beginning three and half years of a life in the Honors Program and Honors Student Association. In the course of my four years of honors, my friends and I have traveled to and presented academic projects in Chicago (twice), New Orleans, San Antonio, and handful of "Fort" cities. We have all ran for homecoming queen and built prize winning floats. We have been tattooed together (not an honors sponsored event, but it did take place on an honors trip), we have shut down Chicago together (crawling in bed at 5:30 a.m., again not an honors sponsored event), we have been lost together, and we have seen at least three different nationally renowned aquariums (I'm a bit of an aquarium nerd). So all in all, through Honors I have obtained a solid education, a lot of colored cords and a gold tassel on graduation day (my outward signs of dedication and "being smarter than you"), and two bridesmaids (shout out to Code and Kare!), and those are all things that I don't think I could live my happy life without.

Emily Denney (maiden name Robinson)
Graduated 2004
B.A. in English with University Honors
Currently Assistant Director of Community Relations and Marketing
Valley View Regional Hospital

I am currently working on a Masters in Education so that I may teach at some point in my life. I want to pass on the gift of knowledge and show my students the upside of putting so much time into this thing called "education"--it takes you places, places you want to be, plus, as I was once told, the more you know, the more jokes you "get."